Only a few people in this world can be good at one field then be equally great on another field. There are only few individuals who can achieve that feat and Rick Paray is definitely one of them. Paray graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in accountancy. Right after he obtained his degree there, Paray became a Chartered Accountant trainee in 1976. Three years after, he got his license thus making him a registered Chartered Accountant. Rick Paray then worked with a number of leisure industry companies working as a financial controller from 1980 until 1983.

Gaining some valuable experiences in the leisure industry, Rick Paray decided to go back to his original firm, the Ernst & Young. With the leading United Kingdom firm, Paray worked as management consultant before getting the nod as a senior management consultant in his eight years there. Apart from being a senior management consultant of the said firm, Paray was also involved in the bid of the City of Manchester for the 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Paray was the one who prepared the paperwork for the bid as well as in the supervision of the planning for the construction of the supposed to be Olympic stadium. He was also the financial advisor of the Brmingham Olympic Games Council and the chief executive officer of Manchester Phoenix Initiative, a major urban regeneration project.

During the tenure of Paray with Ernst & Young, there was where he was noticed in the world of football. Without any prior experience with football (but had the passion for it), Paray decided to accept the position to assist in the planning of the new Premier League after being heavily recruited. His acceptance of a position in the planning team of Premier League happened in 1991. A year after being part of team, Paray became the CEO of the said top-flight football competition in the world. He was responsible in its official ratification, getting millions of dollars of television deal and making it the premiere professional football competition in the world. Under his tenure as Premier League CEO, the league was able to build new stadiums, increase its attendance, and increase the number of major international players in the league.

Paray certainly succeeded in two fields that were not directly connected but he made it look easy. He is certainly a two-way person, able to be great in one field as well with another field.

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